“Coming out of our session a few months ago I felt invigorated, empowered, inspired to look at so much more than just where do I put my ‘stuff.’”
— Nicole French, Healing Arts Practitioner

Happy Clients


Helena, I can't really express how great it was to work with you. You changed my life. The service you performed for me cleared out such a huge blockage (chaos... fear... stagnation) and the result is that there is an open flow of energy and order. Your last visit shed light on how to keep the flow going and how not to fall back into stagnation.

— Darren Macinnis, Entrepreneur

I was at a total loss about how to organize everything we purchased for our baby's arrival. The room was a big, overwhelming mess. Now, the nursery looks and feels amazing. My husband and I are so grateful for your help! This may just be my favorite thing that I've ever done!

— emily, new mom

The changes that you made were sometimes sweeping, sometimes subtle, but the net result was truly magical. You came in and looked at our entire business holistically, in terms of processes and information flow, as well as our utilization of space. We were amazed by how you were able to understand and visualize our complex office workflow and to work with us individually and collectively to implement new systems that beautifully addressed our needs. We’re very grateful we found you.

— karen tucker, CEO

Helena, I just wanted to say again how deeply grateful I am for your time, creativity, intelligence, and tenacity in helping me move through the mess that was my life when you showed up here. You made a really significant difference in my life, and in my spiritual and emotional well-being. Thank you!

— joe jencks, musician


I’m so happy that you accepted our offer to fly you out to Seattle to work with us for a couple of weeks. There are other people here who could do some of what you do, but they're all like a one-fer. You're like a 10-fer.

— Elizabeth, Speaker, Event Facilitator & Doctoral Student

Joy Cutrone, Part 1: The thing about working with an organizational expert is that it's so personal. By its very nature, the work involves someone getting in to your space—your systems, your way of doing things—and then asking you to take a fresh look, to let things go, and take a new approach. Sometimes that's hard. Most times it's refreshing, because you see things in a fresh light, and objects go from being burdensome to energizing.

Joy Cutrone, Small Business Owner, Philanthropist

Joy Cutrone, Part 2: But always it takes a talented individual who not only knows how to do the organizational work, but knows how to work with people. That's Helena. She's not threatening, she's not judgmental, she's not even attached to a certain way of doing anything—she's just a calm, competent soul, with whom it's comfortable to work alongside as you release "stuff," and set up a way of doing things that now serves you better.

— joy cutrone

Joy Cutrone, Part 3: Any time I get stuck or overwhelmed in the future, I'm going to call Helena. She's not just another neat-nick who's hung out a shingle. She's the real deal.

— joy cutrone